Pro Street Rake Kit, Harley Davidson Softail Standard


Pro Street Rake Kit, Harley Davidson Softail Standard


Available in Black or Chrome

This BOLT ON kit will rake your front forks to 45 degrees AND maintain correct trail numbers. The engineering geometry of this setup results in the front end being LIGHTER than stock at both low speed and high speed. High speed stability is excellent. 

You do not have to alter the frame in any way. This garantees exactly the same engineering geometry every time so you know before you start you will have a bike that handles like a dream when it's done. The transformation of your bike can be done in a day in your garage. Your bike can easily be returned to stock if ever needed such as for resale.

You do not have to extend or dis-assemble your forks. Our kit re-uses your stock forks as they are. The extra length needed is built into the upper fat fork tube already.

These parts are all high quality billet 6061 T6 aluminum (and steel where required) CAD designed and CNC machined to exacting specifications. The chrome is show quality, period. A new steel steering shaft that is stronger than your stock shaft is included. The kit also includes brand new upgraded steering bearings.

This kit TOTALLY transforms the look of your bike with no welding required. Installation time is 8 hours in your garage.

Please specify YEAR and MODEL when ordering.

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